Language for Simplified Web Services and XML Programming

Here are some short examples written in Water.

Web Service "plus"

This function adds two numbers together and provides the sum. It uses the built-in Water "plus" command. To try the example, copy and paste it into your Steam XML IDE. After you have pasted it into your Steam XML IDE, try double-clicking on open (left) angle brackets (<) to highlight a complete command or function.


The factorial is a function that computes N x (N-1) x (N-2) ... (0).

To run the example, copy it into the Steam IDE. This example computes the factorial of 7, but that could be changed to any number up to 13.

Prime Number Sieve

This is a a single method that finds the prime numbers up to an endpoint using the Sieve of Eratosthenes.

To run the example, paste it into the Steam XML IDE and call it with " <find_primes 35>" as shown below, where 35 is an example of an endpoint. Using endpoints greater that 1000 may run slowly.

Mortgage Payment Calculator

This program provides a server for calculating monthly mortgage payments and provides a browser interface to access it. A level payment is assumed for a loan of a specified principal amount for a specified term expressed in whole months at a simple annual interest rate. First, the user submits a background color for the form. The color state information is stored in the page as a "hidden input".

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